Cuong Le Resume

Hi there, My name is Le Van Cuong. I'm a developer who have more than 5 years of experience with Java and Spring Boot.

Besides being a developer, I'm also a Photographer, a Booktuber and a Shuffler.

About Me

Born in 1995

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam



University of Information Technology

Computer Science

GPA : 8/10

Graduated in 2017


Vietnamese (Native)

English : TOEIC 815 (2017)

Chinese : HSK3 289 (2021)

My Skills

Spring Boot


React JS

Other Skills


Multi Media Lab

2016 - 2017

Research Student

I reseached on Computer Vision, learned about machine learning, got into training model. At that time I also did my graduation thesis, so I took a paper about continuous hand gesture recognition and improved the result of the paper.

Robert Bosch Vietnam

2017 - 2019

Java Developer

I worked for a project which named: "Elevator Monitoring" as a java backend developer. The project is aim to provide the solution for company that want to monitor their elevators. The project is build with Angular in the front-end side, and Spring Boot in backend side with microservice architecture. Because the team member are from many countries (Singapore, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Germany) so I had a chance to learned not only about technical knowledge but also about the other amazing working cultures.

OPSWAT Vietnam

2019 - 2022

Java Developer

OPSWAT is a Cyber Security company which offering solutions for comprehensive cybersecurity. And my project is called "MetaAccess", I joined the team as a server backend java developer. The project provides solution for the company that want to control over what devices are accessing to the network based on the pre-defined policies. Front-end side is build with Angular and backend side is using Spring Boot framework. The project is in security area therefore I learned a lot about cyber security standards, about circumspect implementation to build up a perfect product quality.


2022 - now

Java Developer

At VNG, i joined the project which is called Promotion Platform. The project is aim to provide promotions for ZaloPay's users. At ZaloPay, i worked as backend Java Developer. The Promotion Platform project is one of many projects that build up ZaloPay, therefore i have worked with microservice architecture, gained experiences to work with other teams to build up new features and resolve customer requirements.


CRUD Generator

Java Library

If you get tired of creating Controller, Service and Repository layers over and over again when working with Spring Web Project, this library is for you. With only one simple annotation, you will get back all the layers that are needed in a second.


Social Network for BookLover

A Social network for BookLover where you can manage your personal reading plan, review and share comments for books, connect with other people to share books and other reading experiences.

After graduated from the university in 2017, I joined Robert Bosch company as a java developer and work with Spring Boot till now. With Spring Boot, I have worked with Spring Mongo Data, Spring Security, Spring Rest API and many other libraries which Spring dev team already provided for developers.

Started from 2017 (after graduated from the university), I have been worked with Mongo DB for 4 years. Mostly I work with Spring MongoDB Data and Mongo aggregation.

I have started with React JS from early 2021. In covid time, I was thinking about making my own project, therefore I started to learn React JS to build the front-end side. Luckily, I already had knowledge in HTML, CSS and Javascript so React JS does not take too much effort from me.

Back to the time when I was in university, I joined the MMLAB which focus on AI and Machine Learning projects. Because of that, I gained quite a lot of knowledge in this area.

And I also have knowledge about web security when I worked in OPSWAT Company, which has the business concentrated on Cyber Security.

Currently, I am building my own project in my spare time, then I also learn about Docker and other DevOps stuffs.